News API

Apply Natural Language Processing (NLP) to streams of news data. Our NLP models enrich all news articles with over 20 structured data points, including, but not limited to keywords (suggested hashtags), location entities and sentiment analysis. Search and analyze news content in real-time and take advantage of our technology, crawling and indexing thousands of news sources everyday. Analyze published content with our live dataset of cleaned-up news data to query.

News API Endpoints

Discover top news trending around the world, evaluated by our unique algorithms and filtered by selecting your language of choice.

Spot the latest news regarding the two selected countries of interest with our unique intercountry news api. Filter the results by selecting the language of choice and number of items you want to see.

Discover the most popular topics from media outlets belonging to your country of interest. Our algorithm finds and serves top international news coming from a selected country filtered by selecting your language of choice.

Discover trending topics concerning a selected country frequently mentioned by international news sources. The api serves you top international news discussing matters regarding your country of interest filtered by selecting the languages of your choice.

Set of news closest to a given point of interest expressed using it's latitude and longitude. The range parameter (in Km) can be modified to increase the radius of search around given coordinates with maximum range of upto 100 Kms.

A search engine based on the textual content of the news acquired (about 1 million digital pages per month) to display all the articles related to a specific topic or key term.

Text Analysis API

A Natural Language Processing (NLP) API enabling users to perform a variety of NLP tasks on a great amount of news content published online.Remove the challenges of dealing with textual content by using our Natural Language Processing engine. Our text analysis API allow users to run complex Text Analysis functions with short and simple lines of code.

Text Analysis API Endpoints

The process of automatically creating a compressed version of a given document, preserving its information, content and intent. We use more than 13000 human written summaries to found dependencies.

Returns the language/s identified within the entered text.

Returns the sentiment of the entered text as positive, negative or neutral.